Irish Marching Band's Concert to Pay Tribute to 9/11 Victims

Fans of The Cadets,Tallaght Youth Band hopes to elicit Web support

Dublin-based Tallaght Youth Band will be commemorating the Sept. 11 10-year memorial with a remembrance concert, and they are asking The Cadets and marching band fans to show their support on the Irish band's Facebook and website.

Tallaght Public Relations Officer Linda Bennett says the band was invited by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to take part in that city's November memorial event and represent those of Irish descent who died. "We were very proud and humbled to be considered for this great honor...but unfortunately we were unable in this current economic climate to raise the funds needed for such a big trip."


Despite the financial hurdles, Tallaght refused to totally give up. "Our members naturally were very excited at the prospect of going to New York so our committee started a big fundraising campaign," said Bennett. Instead of traveling overseas, they decided to hold their own tribute concert in Ireland.

Tallaght has enlisted the talents of the local police band, and invited the Dublin Fire Brigade Pipe and Drum Band as well. Also scheduled will be a performance by soprano singer Regina Nathan. "They were glad to have an opportunity to pay this tribute to their counterparts in New York," said Bennett.

The concert will take place from 6–8:30 p.m. Sunday Sept. 11 in the National Basketball Arena in Tallaght, Dublin. Tallaght is a suburb of the city of Dublin, Ireland.

There will also be a contingent from the United States at the concert, Bennett said. "We will have a representative in attendance from the U.S. embassy and some of the firefighters from New York also. So our two countries are linked in this event as I hope our bands will become linked."

She noted that the Tallaght Youth Band was excited over The Cadets winning their 10th World Championship. "On behalf of our band, a huge congratulations on your recent DCI success. We have some of your greatest fans among our ranks!"

She said Tallaght Youth Band is small compared to The Cadets, "but what we lack in size we make up for in heart, commitment and most of all fun."

The youth band recently launched a new website at and they have several events coming up, the biggest of which is the 9/11 concert. Bennett is hoping The Cadets and their fans will visit the site, and also friend the youth band on Facebook to support their efforts and the remembrance concert.

"We hope that this concert will be a fitting and respectful tribute to all those who lost their lives 10 years ago."


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