CAKE offers song free to schools

Alternative band's trumpeter addresses letter to band directors

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18 August 2011

Dear Band Director,

This is Vince Di Fiore, trumpeter from the band CAKE, letting you know about a great opportunity for your school to obtain free charts of our song, "The Federal Funding March." I am confident you will enjoy introducing this song into your program.


Your students will thank you not because it is from an alternative rock band, but because it is fun to play. (I've played in school bands, and I have to say, this is a very snazzy composition.) There is enough repetition in it to be engaging upon sight-reading, while there is enough variety to maintain interest. The instrumental interplay will be rewarding for the player and inspiring to the listener.

There is also a nationwide contest in conjunction with the USSBA where together CAKE and the USSBA will choose the Top 10 best band performances of "THE FEDERAL FUNDING MARCH." All of the Top 10 finalists will receive a prize package.

Additionally, the grand prize winner will film a music video with CAKE and be featured in an ad in Rolling Stone Magazine. You can find more details about the competition here.

Don't perform it for that reason though! Perform it because the chart is FREE, and you and your band will enjoy playing it. (Although, imagine what a fantastic memory it would be for your school year to be featured in a music video.)

Thanks for your time. Have a great musical year.

Vince Di Fiore


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