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Focus on smaller bands for new contests

Ever hear “everything is bigger in Texas”?

It turns out that particular cliché is not always the case and for that reason the US Scholastic Band Association has endeavored to create band contests specifically for small school bands. Starting in 2009 with ATSSB member Early High School and continuing in 2010 with an event at Groesbeck, 2011 has now added Goliad High School to the USSBA schedule as an ATSSB-focused event.

“Smaller bands in the state tend to have different perspectives and priorities than the giant programs that exist in Texas," says USSBA Staffer Courtney Beard. "We try to provide contests that can stay focused on those interests.”

USSBA judging coordinator Gino Cipriani says, “When scheduling judges for one of our small band-focused events, I still schedule some of our national-level adjudicators but I also put more focus into providing a panel that can provide more feedback that maybe pertinent from a local, UIL-type of perspective.”

As with all USSBA events, the venue is an important factor in the event, explains USSBA Event Manager Larry Harper. “Tiger Stadium is perfect for this type of contest. It is big enough that the performers on the field feel like they are performing somewhere special in front of a big appreciative audience but it’s small enough that the music and visuals of smaller bands are clearly heard and communicated through the stands.”

USSBA policy prevents disclosing the exact judging panels, but some USSBA adjudicators who will attend this year’s contests include: Van Henry (Bastrop, TX) and Mike Lewis (Burnet, TX) as well as George Hopkins, Gerry Miller, Jason Ihnat and Gino Cipriani of the staff of the World Champion Cadets Drum Corps.

The Goliad Showcase does not have a participation cap so contact Jon Swengler 610-821-0345 ext. 113 or via email: Jonathan@YEA.org to find out how to get your program involved in the contest.


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