Annual DeMoulin music director contest begins

Participants can win a laptop and more

DeMoulin Brothers & Company has already begun one of their biggest events of the year: the Music Director Contest.

The contest, which began Sept. 1, continues through until Dec. 31. Contest participants are entered in a chance to win one of several prizes, including iPads, Dr. Beats, or a laptop computer.


DeMoulin Digital Media Specialist Lorna Gaffney says the contest is simple. "We ask any music or performance director to answer a few questions about their program and in exchange they have the chance to win."

Participants can go to the DeMoulin website to enter, and for more information about the contest. There's also information on the DeMoulin Facebook page under "events."

This year's Music Director Contest will be particularly exciting, says Gaffney, with even more prizes. "This year we’ve decided to have a prize winner every week the contest runs…to help keep the buzz up."

The prizes are as follows:

  • One winner will receive their choice of an Apple MacBook Air laptop or a Yamaha HD-200 Harmony Director keyboard.
  • Two winners will receive a 16-gigabyte Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi.
  • Four winners will receive a Boss Dr. Beat DB-90 metronome.
  • Other winners will receive DeMoulin-branded apparel.

Gaffney says everyone at DeMoulin was thrilled by The Cadet's big win at DCI Finals. "I’m sure everyone is still buzzing… It’s all been very exciting!" she said. "We’re very proud and looking forward to the DeMoulin Challenges later in the fall. Looks like there are lots of bands interested in the prelims/finals format."


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