USSBA returns to Groesbeck Oct. 8

Contest a fit for smaller bands

The US Scholastic Band Association endeavors to serve bands of all levels and sizes.

In Texas this means working specifically with ATSSB band programs. On Oct. 8, the USSBA will continue its service to these bands by returning to Groesbeck, Texas with a contest that has smaller bands in mind.

groesbeck stadium

Ever since 2009 the USSBA has been partnering with ATSSB members to host events tailored to the interests of smaller, local bands. In 2010, Colin Anderson expressed interest in hosting one of these focused events and the first Groesbeck Showcase was held last October.

“As a former ATSSB official, Mr. Anderson really knew what the bands need and has been instrumental in guiding the USSBA towards serving those unique interests,” explained USSBA staffer Courtney Beard.

Bands of all sizes are welcome to attend the event although the focus continues to focus on the perspective and priorities of smaller programs. This includes a judging panel that includes the hallmark national level adjudicators from the USSBA but is more focused on individuals who are able to “provide more feedback that may be pertinent from a local, UIL-type of perspective,” according to judging coordinator Gino Cipriani.

A highlight of the Groesbeck event is the stadium. “We may be catering to small bands but that doesn’t mean they deserve less than a great venue,” commented USSBA Events Manager Larry Harper. With recently installed artificial turf and a brick façade, the 4,000-seat Groesbeck stadium has all the bonuses of a small stadium with the feel of something special.

“It’s a great size because no matter the size of the program, not a note is lost to the judges in the pressbox, but it still feels like a traditional, big-time Texas stadium,” he added.

USSBA policy prevents disclosing the exact judging panels, but some USSBA adjudicators who will attend this year’s contests include: Van Henry (Bastrop, Texas) and Mike Lewis (Burnet, Texas) as well as George Hopkins, Gerry Miller, Jason Ihnat and Gino Cipriani of the staff of the World Champion Cadets Drum Corps.

The Groesbeck Showcase does not have a participation cap so contact Jon Swengler at 610-821-0345 ext. 113 or via email: to find out how to get your program involved in the contest.


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