USSBA Texas focus: Converse

San Antonio Regional sees new location this year

The San Antonio Regional is another returning US Scholastic Band Association Event with a new home.

October 15, 2011 will mark the first time the event will be held in Converse, TX at DW Rutledge Stadium.


Home of the 2010 DCI Southwest Regional, the stadium is not foreign to marching music. “It’s a great facility,” said USSBA Events Manager Larry Harper. “When the Alamo Dome wasn’t available, DCI choose Rutledge for a reason: expansive parking and warm-up facilities, great concourse, very well-maintained field stands that are steep and scoop the sound straight up to the judges who have a prime vantage point from the new press box. I am very excited to be able to host a show there.”

The event is unique in its scheduling as there is an another band competition scheduled in the stadium earlier in the day. “We were eager to work with Wagner High School on the event but the only day that was an option was the same day that their sister school, Judson, had planned to run their annual contest,” explained USSBA Director Rich Hammond. “Working together it was decided it would be possible to run both events on the same day: Judson in the morning and Wagner and the USSBA in the evening. It creates a unique opportunity for bands to sign up for both and experience two reads from two panels without having to add travel expense.”

Over a dozen bands have elected to take advantage of the event and due to the restriction on the start time the USSBA is restricted in the number of bands which can perform in the contest. Contact Jon Swengler 610-821-0345 ext. 113 or via email: to find out how you get your program involved in the contest before the slots run out.

Ready to sign up? Go to and log in so that you can sign up your band.

Although USSBA policy prevents disclosing the exact judging panels, some of the USSBA adjudicators who will be at some of this year’s contests include: Matt Haines (New Orleans, La.), John Nelson (Cypress, Texas), Marc Sylvester (New York, N.Y.) as well as Steve Bentley and George Hopkins of the staff of the World Champion Cadets Drum Corps.


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