Saturday kicks off exciting fall for Connecticut

More events than ever highlight growth in the Constitution State

Saturday marks the beginning of the 2011 US Scholastic Band Association marching band season. It also welcomes new host Danbury, Conn. to the USSBA calendar.

Danbury is one of 15 competitions to be held in Connecticut this year in what is a packed schedule featuring 14 locally sponsored events and the USSBA New England State Championships held at Kennedy Stadium in Bridgeport. The schedule is expanded from the 2010 calendar which featured only 10 local events.

kennedy stadium

“There has been a lot of relationship building in the state over the past 18 months,” explained former USSBA director Sean King who recalls driving to Connecticut to meet with several directors including Danbury's Paul Riley in May of 2010. “We drove to Connecticut a couple of times to talk about what the bands there needed. I remember sitting with Paul Riley in the cafeteria during his lunch duty and discussing what resources he was looking for that the USSBA could offer to support his program and others in the area. It is great to see all of those plans coming to fruition.”

The expansion of the USSBA Indoor offerings has assisted in the circuit becoming the primary organization for marching music events in the states. “We’ve been working closely with a few people up there to really define what we as an organization can do to serve bands and indoor units alike in Connecticut,” commented USSBA Band Relations Representative Jon Swengler.

Swengler said all the communication and efforts have resulted in most of the state’s competitive groups coming together under the USSBA umbrella. “It’s a good development because with everyone in the same boat good things can happen. On the most basic level the shows are bigger which makes for exciting events resulting in happy hosts and many excited participants. It’s an all-around positive atmosphere right now.”

The 2011 Connecticut schedule includes:

  • Sept. 10: Danbury High School
  • Sept. 17: Francis T. Maloney and Brien McMahon high schools
  • Sept. 24: Newtown High School, Rocky Hill High School and Sheehan High School
  • Oct. 1: Norwich Free Academy
  • Oct. 8: Lyman Hall, New Milford and Rockville
  • Oct. 15: Cheshire
  • Oct. 22: Stamford
  • Oct. 29: Bunnell and Southington
  • Nov. 5: New England State Champs

The championships currently have 36 bands registered and seven of the local shows have over 10 bands registered and the shows are approaching participation capacity. To get your band involved you can login to register here or contact Jon Swengler at 610-821-0345 ext. 137 or email


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