Help wanted! Volunteers needed for 2011 band season

Come on board to create memorable experiences for this year's competing bands

This weekend the USSBA season will be underway with a full schedule of exciting contests and events for bands across the country.

With several regionals and championships on the schedule there is more of a need than ever for individuals who love band to come out and help the USSBA in executing the events on the calendar and creating a great experience for every band member.

2 volunteers

“Like most nonprofits, the USSBA exists because of the dedication of our volunteers” said USSBA Volunteer Coordinator, Courtney Beard. “Having enough people is what makes a show run smoothly and a seamless event is what we strive for in order provide the best possible experience for each kid coming to the stadium.”

USSBA volunteers come from all walks of life; former band parents and boosters, friends and family, drum corps fans, accountants, construction workers, firefighters, former teachers and band members looking to “pay it forward”. Regardless of your background the USSBA would be happy to have you assist at an event; from Massachusetts to Arizona there are opportunities almost weekly to be a part of a extraordinary day.

“We could use some extra hands in practically every state: Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, Connecticut, Maryland and of course Pennsylvania and New Jersey,” said Beard.

If you’re interested in how you can give an hour or a day toward creating memories, contact Courtney Beard at 610-821-0345 ext. 137 or email


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