USSBA Introduces USSBA Fall Access

Free Video Updates Follows Marching Bands Across the Country

Beginning with the first week of the 2011 fall marching band season, the USSBA will be featuring the latest in news and updates via video updates from the USSBA headquarters and stadiums, band rooms and parking lots across USSBA nation in a new series titled "USSBA Fall Access." ussbafallaccess

“As an extension of the popular All Access video program produced by the USSBA’s sister organization, the 10-time and current World Champion Cadets Drum Corps, USSBA Fall Access will bring to life the ins and outs, comings and goings of the 2011 marching band season,” said Sean King, marketing director for YEA!, parent organization of the USSBA.

“By hosting up to two dozen competitions every week, there is a tremendous amount of news, energy and excitement to be shared with the students, parents and educators. By compiling produced videos as well as packaging user generated content, we will have a wide variety of ways to enjoy the season before and after show day.

Host Jon Swengler will guide viewers through the marching band season with highlights and reviews of each weekend — as well as previews of upcoming events and features to look forward to each week.

To register for your complimentary subscription which will entitle you to additional exclusive content of band performances as well as live streaming content, register here now.


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