USSBA Texas focus: South

Year three of championships held at Conroe

This year marks the third consecutive year that the US Scholastic Band Association will be hosting a championship level event at Woodforest Bank Stadium in Conroe ISD.

The 9,000 seat stadium is no stranger to the marching arts, being a highly sought after venue for other circuit events including Bands of America and UIL.

“It is one of my top three events,” commented USSBA staffer Courtney Beard, who is looking forward to returning to the event for her third year. “From the first show we ran there everything was great; the people from Conroe HS who staff the event, the turf, the parking lot and even the weather and food couldn’t be better! Not to mention the phenomenal performances of the bands. If I had to suggest one event for anyone to go to it would be this one.”

USSBA Events Manager Larry Harper also had good things to say about the Woodforest Bank Stadium. “It is as if the stadium was built for band contests. You get the sense that things are going to go well from the very moment when you pull in to the ocean of parking lots. It’s well lit, easy to find your way around, easy for parents to get in not to mention that it’s easy for the judges to get a great read.”

The event is the USSBA South Texas Championships and is sister to the new USSBA North Texas Championships held in Irving and part of the USSBA state championship series held in nine locations on the same day. “After the fall of 2001 school districts clamped down on bands leaving their state for championship events,” explained YEA! CEO and USSBA founder George Hopkins. “Regardless of their individual reality, our goal is to be able to provide opportunities for bands to give great experiences to their students. We started the state championships so each program can end their season with a great contest.”

USSBA policy prevents disclosing the exact judging panels, but some USSBA adjudicators who will attend this year’s contests include: Tricia Gooley-Rarick (Laurel, Md.) and Marc Sylvester (New York, N.Y.) as well as George Hopkins, Gerry Miller, Jason Ihnat and Gino Cipriani of the staff of the World Champion Cadets Drum Corps.

The USSBA State Championship does not have a participation cap so register your band here or contact Jon Swengler at 610-821-0345 ext. 113 or email to find out how you get your program involved in the contest.


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