Video: USSBA Judging A class for 2011 season

Gino Cipriani clarifies a few points concerning judging A class and Open

Through our exclusive On-Demand video series, adjudicators as well as band directors can learn more about the USSBA approach to judging each individual caption, along with the philosophies that support our organization’s unique platform in the competitive marching band activity.
vid stillInterested parents and students are also encouraged to watch these videos as they provide a perspective of what the judges are looking for in a performer and a performance, which can make for a more enjoyable experience for parents, while providing insight to the individual student.
Here at the USSBA we use adjudication as an education tool for band directors, designers and instructors, as well as for students to grow, learn and achieve more both on the field and off.  Our ongoing intensive training and transparency to the judging process allows everyone from the judge to director to student to better understand our commitment to marching band as an activity not only to create great performances, but magnificent human beings.



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