2011 USSBA Volunteer Challenge

Great people needed to create great events

volsThis past weekend a volunteer staff of 50 band parents and supporters came together to run the US Scholastic Band Association’s Marine Corps Invitational band competition in Annapolis, MD.

“All the volunteers on Saturday were box 5” commented Sean King who managed the event.  “If we could duplicate them for the rest of the season it will be a grand slam.”

So the challenge has been put forth; Can the volunteer support at other upcoming USSBA events rise to the level set on Saturday?  Are people excited about band and dedicated to ensuring that young musicians have great experiences?

The answer is up to YOU!  The USSBA is looking for those excited and dedicated individuals to put together the finishing touches on upcoming events.

“We get the stadium,  the trophies, and the program books; we pack the airgrams and the t-shirts and write the script but until you add the people all that we really have is an empty stadium with a lot of stuff in it” explained Courtney Beard, volunteer coordinator for the USSBA.  “Being greeted in the parking lot with a smile or experiencing the bustle of activity on the concourse is part of which really creates the event experience for a kid and those who come to support their kids.  In the end it is really the volunteers who have the greatest impact on a student’s day.”

In two weeks are a few events which need your volunteer support:

Oct 15th
Yamaha Cup – East Rutherford, NJ
Maryland States  - Towson, MD

Oct 16th
Central New Jersey Regional – Ewing, NJ

Oct 22nd
DeMouling Challenge – New Brunswick, NJ

At each of these events one volunteer will be selected to win a special volunteer appreciation gift although that is certainly not the only reason to come out to the event; “Every time I volunteer I really do get more than I give” shares Youth Education in the Arts CEO and USSBA founder George Hopkins who frequently does volunteer work in Philadelphia. “You always leave just feeling good.”

If you or someone you care about benefitted from being in a band and going to great events now is the chance to pay it forward.

To learn more about these events and getting involved contact Courtney Beard at 610-821-0345 x137 or Courtney@yea.org.


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