The Cadets and Cadets 2 audition packs are here

Next step on the Cadets road

Think about the last time you overcame a big challenge. Chances are it just started with one thing: one thing done well.


Over the next few months a group of people will be part of something quite extraordinary. They will take the steps to be part of a remarkable performing ensemble: The Cadets.

Could you be one of them? Are you ready to take the first step? We are interested in your talent and passion. We want you to succeed in your plans for building your future.

To that end we are offering our audition packet for you to maximize your next step. Each person will receive direct insight in regards to their area of expertise, either in brass, percussion or guard. The audition packet is designed to summarize the philosophy and approach to teaching, learning, rehearsing, and performing in the 2012 Cadets. It is the key to your door for becoming a Cadet — it’s that simple.

The fee for the audition pack is $10 and they are available HERE. Request your audition pack now and take your next step on the road to becoming a member of The Cadets or Cadets2 in 2012.


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