USSBA DVDs on sale

Preorder and save on Yamaha Cup; Annapolis 9/24 videos available

yamaha cup dvd

Parents getting ready for the huge Yamaha Cup competition at MetLife Stadium on Oct. 15 can preorder their DVDs right now and save $5 PLUS shipping and handling, and have their DVDs waiting for them one hour after their band performs, with the return of "Instant DVDs" to the biggest shows on the USSBA calendar.

Only one week remains for you to take advantage of great savings and pre-order your 2011 Yamaha Cup DVDs from MetLife Stadium.  The October 15 show is SOLD OUT, with the maximum number of bands allowed registered and ready to perform.
This is one show you will want to remember for years to come.  Order your video TODAY!

Also, if you missed your chance to pick up a DVD of your band at the Marine Corps Invitational in Annapolis on September 24, now’s your chance to purchase one for only $19. For many bands, this is their only appearance at the site of the 2011 USSBA National Championships, and this magnificent facility provides a great showcase to see your band’s early season performance.

Order your Marine Corps Invitational video shot live in Annapolis.


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