Cadets veterans welcome prospective 2012 Cadets

Sectional Facebook groups launched to answer questions

Who knows what it’s like to be a member of The Cadets? Who has gone through the practicing, the waiting, the anxiety, the decision-making process of becoming a Cadet? Veteran Cadets, that’s who!

In order to help make it easier for prospective members and those trying to decide whether to attend the November audition camps, Cadet veterans and section leaders have set up audition groups on Facebook to answer questions and provide valuable information on what it’s like to wear the maroon and gold.

“Think of it like the opportunity to meet up with some Cadets and having an informal chat with them about auditioning and becoming a member,” said Melissa Barlow, assistant director of performing ensembles including the Cadets and Cadets2. “We’re so pleased that the returning members set up these groups to welcome the hundreds of interested potential members and answer their questions.”

One of the most often-heard compliments about attending The Cadets camps is how friendly everyone is. "We pride ourselves on being very organized and professional, but never forget this is a pretty scary place for the first time auditionee. We hope by connecting vets to the next generation of Cadets, it’ll make that first time experience even better,” said Eric Kitchenman, acting director of performing ensembles including The Cadets and Cadets2.

Here are the new Facebook audition group pages:
Cadets 2012 Drumline Auditions
Cadets 2012 Front Ensemble Auditionees
2012 Cadets Trumpet Auditions
Cadets Mellophone Auditions 2012
2012 Cadets Baritone Auditions
2012 Cadet Contras Auditions
2012 Cadets Colorguard Auditions


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