The Cadets' announce 2012 assistant director/tour director

Alumnus Patrick Duncan will lead The Cadets' admin team this year

On the evening of October 5, The Cadets confirmed that Patrick Duncan (Cadet trumpet 2006–2008) will take on the role of assistant director and tour director for The 2012 Cadets.

Duncan worked as a member of The Cadets’ marching staff in 2010 and 2011 and will move to the administrative staff for the 2012 season, after the departure of former assistant director, Justin (“Rudy”) Heimbecker.


“Patrick is completing his bachelor’s degree in music education at Auburn University, after a mid-schooling shift from his biology major, and will graduate in May,” said Director George Hopkins.

“Therefore, as a bit of a change to the model we’ve had in place for the past few years, Patrick will attend what camps he can during the winter and spring. He will be in on weekly conference calls with staff and members, but he will not begin his full-time duties until May 12, 2012 or so, when the corps moves in,” Hopkins said.

Hopkins said that this model will take a bit more coordination and some extra help from Administrative Assistant Melissa Barlow, “but I think it will be worth the challenge.”

He said he is excited to have another alumnus on the administrative staff who appreciates the traditional Cadet work ethic. “Patrick is a Cadet! He is intelligent, passionate, and he is all about excellence. He was indeed the first person who came to my mind after Rudy’s departure, and I am thrilled that he has agreed to come on board.”


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