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A Message from Cadets2 Director Eric Kitchenman

Welcome to the potential members of the first year corps

It is with great pride that I welcome you to the Cadets2 inaugural season! There are very few people that can say they marched in a program in its first year — and you could be one of 128 with that privilege.

eric stand

What makes this gathering even more unique is that it is born out of a 78-year tradition, from one of the oldest and most successful organizations in the world. It is safe to say that you are embarking on a new adventure through the eyes and wisdom of a well-established institution — a blend of new and old.

Each of you must ask yourself: what brings you to the Cadets2? Is it the unique timeline and flexibility of schedule? Does it fit your budget? Is it because you’re able to sustain a full-time job over the summer? Are you an age-out from The Cadets and have more to offer? The list of questions could go on and on.

Regardless of your reasons, the point is simple; you want to be a Cadet once again or for the first time. Our search is simple; we are looking for talented and dedicated performers to gather on weekends and to max out performance. Either brass, battery, pit or guard; we’re a new home and a new experience.

Standing behind you to make this corps experience magnificent are all the infrastructure of Youth Education in the Arts and the decades of successful planning and execution of The Cadets organization. The design team will be the same: Jay Bocook for brass; Colin McNutt for percussion; Ian Moyer for pit arrangements; Jeff Sacktig for drill design; and a top-flight colorguard design team.

We are close to announcing the full staff in the near future: stay tuned.
Finally look for communication from Melissa Barlow or me in regards to place and times for rehearsals. We will be holding the Audition camp on Nov. 26 and 27 in the Lehigh Valley. We are finalizing those plans presently and will get that information out to you in a couple of weeks.

Follow the information in the audition packet carefully and prepare for you audition to your best ability. We look forward to meeting you!

Eric Kitchenman, director of performance ensembles
610-821-0345, ext. 124
Melissa Barlow, associate director of performance ensembles
610-821-0345, ext. 115 or email:


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