Host a 2012 Indoor event with the USSBA

Changes in the air for USSBA Indoor's third season

As the fall marching band season hits its halfway point, many have begun to focus their attention on what happens after the marching band packs away its uniforms and instruments.

With that in mind, the USSBA is excited open the registration process for the schools and teams interested in hosting USSBA Indoor colorguard and Zildjian Indoor percussion series events during in the February–April schedule.

2-10-10 Indoor show, Norristown, NJ

Acting Director Rich Hammond said in announcing the open call for USSBA hosts, “It’s never early enough to begin the process of planning for the Indoor season. Together with Eric (Kitchenman, colorguard education director for USSBA Indoor) we have already reached out to the pool of talented adjudicators across the country in order to secure their participation in the 2012 season."

Hammond said the next step "is to put together a schedule which is convenient for our drumlines and colorguards to experience a full season of events, no matter where their school is located.”

New and exciting changes for the 2012 season include a reorganization of the classification structure to be more in line with the internationally-recognized strata. Adding to the already existing A, AA and AAA classes, the USSBA will be adding a world class level of participation and will be reformatting the elementary level to a basics level, giving the USSBA five levels of participation which is more in line with many of the other local and regional circuits.

The judging criteria is also undergoing an alteration in order to bring it more in line with the internationally-recognized criteria which have become universally accepted by colorguards and percussion units throughout the activity. Watch for more details to be posted as the marching band season comes to an end, and the USSBA Indoor preparations are ramped up for 2012.

“While there will still be rules which are 100 percent USSBA, we have worked hard to create a platform by which units can move between events with the criteria and feedback being very, very similar,” added Hammond, speaking about the changes to the judging system.

“There are some principles we will never change, such as having no timing rules or handing out penalties. Through our thousands upon thousands of band performances and now hundreds of indoor performances, we have proven the more relaxed culture of the USSBA provides for a much better experience for directors, instructors and designers. However, our number one concern is, and will always be, the performer and with the student-centric approach we will look to continue to expand and serve the USSBA schools we serve in the fall.”

Jon Swengler, band relations representative, added, “ After listening to what the directors and instructors had to say, we are happy to bring forth the classification and adjudication changes to fit the needs of the educators and performers. We are also excited to be branching out and servicing more units in the New England area as well as returning to our other Northeast and Mid-Atlantic locations. Be on the lookout for more to come!”

As of October, the 2012 USSBA Indoor schedule kicks off Feb. 4 and continues each weekend through to the USSBA Championships at Sun Bank Arena in Trenton, N.J. on April 14. Hammond said, “Depending on the number of groups enrolled in championships, we look to reach our ultimate goal of having the Indoor percussion championships on April 14 and the colorguard championships on April 21, however we will be watching registrations very closely to make sure from the participant, support and resource aspects, that works in the best interests of all.”

If you are interested in hosting a 2012 USSBA Indoor Colorguard and Zildjian Indoor Percussion Series event, please complete the 2012 Host Intent Form and submit to Greg Jackson at


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