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Training videos aid process

Since the beginning of fall, acting USSBA Director Rich Hammond, Adjudication Coordinator Gino Cipriani and YEA! Executive Director George Hopkins have been featured in training videos aimed at 2011 USSBA adjudicators and also band directors and interested parents and students.

“This series is meant to better streamline our training process,” said Rich Hammond. “With busy schedules, it is difficult for judges to come to a training session and in some cases to even attend a webinar. We believe through the on-demand feature, we can do a better job of making sure every judge, for every assignment in every show is on the same page.”

Gino Cipriani added, “The judging system for the USSBA is a definite point of differentiation for our organization. We want as many judges as possible to have the ability to review our insights and tips at their convenience, which in the end will provide a better experience for the band directors and instructional staff, and ultimately the students.”

Click here for the USSBA adjudication video training library produced through Oct. 1.


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