Cadets' membership fees to remain the same for 2012

Shorter tour, food and fuel projections allow fees to hold

Great news for the members of the 2012 Cadets as the fees for camps, spring training and tour will remain the same as the 2011 season.

The Cadets tour bus

In announcing the fee structure for 2012, Corps Director George Hopkins said, "After crunching the numbers as it relates to the projected tour and the impacts of fuel prices and food expenses, we are confident that the corps will be able to provide the same magnificent experience for members in 2012, at the same level of investment as 2011."

Hopkins added, "While we're still in the process of finalizing the tour schedule, we have confidence that many of the determining factors that go into the budget will not vary too greatly and allow us to stay consistent in our tuition and fees."

The Cadets are coming off another successful season, winning their 10th World Championship this past August. The 2012 Cadets have already announced the return of the entire creative team from the championship year and work has begun on the 2012 production "Pearl Harbor."

For those interested in auditioning for the 2011 Cadets, audition packs are available right now at and registration discounts are in effect until November 1.

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