USSBA Fall Access introduces "The Spin," an all-new guard feature

YEA! staffer Danni Marone "talks guard" from the USSBA

As a new weekly feature, “The Spin With Danni Marone,” YEA! staff member Danielle Marone puts the focus on the colorguard talking about each week’s great achievements and a little behind-the-scenes reporting for all of the performers who spin, toss, catch and dance their way across the fields of the USSBA.

danni marone 250

As part of the feature, Marone ask questions and wants to hear your feedback. So write to her at with your questions, thoughts or ideas for next week’s episode, or to give your answer to the "Colorguard Question of the Week!"

In this week’s initial episode, Marone reviews the results from the Maryland State Championships, the Yamaha Cup and the San Antonio Regional, plus she talks a little bit about the wind which was the nemesis of performers all weekend in the Northeast.

To all of the guard performers in the USSBA — watch for Marone’s report each week. Who knows, you may even be part of the fun!


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