"Between Angels & Demons" tour DVD preorders underway

DVD to be released in early November

The videography team that brought you the acclaimed All Access 2011 this summer is back with a full-length 90-minute tour de force, bringing The 2011 Cadets championship season to life.

Be along for the ride as the angels and demons travel 17,000 miles, and watch as they tweak and perfect the show of the year on their way to their 10th DCI World Championship.


Watch the "Between Angels & Demons" trailer.

Pre-order your DVD today for $29. Plus, if you order before Midnight on October 31, we’ll send you a 2011 Cadets World Championship patch for FREE.

Be the first Cadets fan on your block to have the 2011 "Between Angels & Demons" DVD and have The Cadets world championship as part of your video library for all time.


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