The first step to being a Cadet: The audition pack

Be the best you can be for Nov. 18-20

Beginning with the 2012 audition season, The Cadets are making it a little easier for prospective members of The Cadets to slam dunk their audition with a series of materials and videos produced by the championship instructional team.


Wondering about what it takes to be a Cadet? Order the brass, percussion or guard audition pack and you’ll have the exercises at your fingertips in time to perfect your performance for the November and December audition camps.

Gino Cipriani, Colin McNutt, Iain Moyer and Daniel Riley created materials and videos to assist you in your preparation to be the best you can be in time for your audition.

Order your audition pack and you’ll be on your way to becoming a Cadet. It really is just that easy!

Even if you’re not intending to audition for the 2012 corps, this is a great way to begin preparing for the time when you are ready to take the step to wear the Maroon & Gold.


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