What are the Judges Saying?

Inside the World of the Music Adjudication

For freshman parents as well as senior moms and dads, the adjudication process has been something that has a level of mystery to it or at least has raised a few questions no matter the number of competitions one attends.

With a series of videos, entitled “From the Pressbox,” the USSBA is trying to bring a level of transparency to the judging process in order to share with all how the organization uses adjudication as an educational tool for the band directors and instructional staffs, as well as the students.

Gino Cipriani is featured in this first-of-its-kind video which syncs the actual live judge commentary with the band’s performance at the 2011 Marine Corps Invitational in Jackson, NJ. You’ll hear exactly what comments the Individual Music judge makes on acknowledging the band’s performance while giving guidance and critique on how to improve their individual and ensemble performances.

This video in its entirety has been posted on the USSBA Adjudicators and Band Directors pages in another step towards our accelerated training program for judges.

Judge Coordinator, Gino Cipriani says, “We’ve come a long way in the past several years with our training program, and we’re only half the way to where we eventually want to be. Providing the opportunity for judges who are new to our system or may need to brush up on the latest in judging approaches, we are investing considerable resources to improve the quality and quantity of our judging pool.”

“We have an excellent group of individuals who make up the core of our judging panels,” add George Hopkins, Founder of the USSBA, “However, there is always room for us to improve and to become the best in the marching music activity when it comes to the feedback we provide to our bands and the educators who work with the students throughout the USSBA.”

Watch for more insights into the world of USSBA adjudication through the “From the Pressbox” series, with upcoming features on each of the captions Effect, Ensemble Music, Visual , Colorguard and Percussion giving fans, students, directors and instructors a better view into what makes the USSBA the pre-eminent marching band organization in the nation.


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