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Cadets2 Audition Packs in the Mail

One Month Until Audition Camp

cadets2_ad250.jpgAs of October 25 at 2PM, all Audition Packs for the Cadets2 prospective members have been mailed, giving auditionees one month to perfect their exercises and techinique and work to become a part of the very first class EVER of the Corps.

Melissa Barlow, Assistant Director of Performing Ensembles said, “We worked overtime to make sure the last packets were sent out.  With new staff members coming on board we wanted to make sure all were literally on the same page before we mailed everything.  I personally mailed the most recent applicant’s packets this afternoon.”

If you ordered an Audition Pack and do not receive it by October 31, please contact Melissa immediately at

Watch for details coming from the corps in the next few days – including interviews with new staff members to give you a little insight about the corps, what to expect at camp and all of the excitement surrounding the most talked about drum corps in a very, very long time.

If you haven’t purchased your audition pack yet, now is the time.  CLICK HERE to order your own.

If you have ordered the Audition Pack and have not yet registered for camp, CLICK HERE to register.

You only have one chance to be first – now’s your time!


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