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Cadets2 Street Teams Coming to the USSBA

Be Spotted and You'll Win Great Gear

postercadets2.pngJust one month to go until the inaugural camp for Cadets2, the weekend-only regional performing ensemble that will give talented young people a Cadets experience during the summer of 2012.

On Saturday and Sunday Nov. 26 and 27, you will have the opportunity to make history as one of the few lucky performers to be the first ever to participate in the Cadets2 program.  Decades from now people will be talking about the initial class of Cadets2 and this is your chance to be part of history.

Along that line, for the final three weeks of the USSBA season, The Cadets2 Street Team will be all over the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Maryland areas Cadets-spotting – and if they see you wearing a Cadets hat or sweatshirt, or checking out the Cadets2 posters at events – you’ll have the chance to win great prizes.

The Cadets2 Street Team will have cds, posters, tees, stickers and more – but as with all things you have to be at the right place at the right time!  If we spot you, you win!

See you out at the USSBA show nearest you this weekend!


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