Celebrate States with 2011 championship gear, DVDs and rings

Order in bulk to mark your performance and share with students, staff and parents

For many bands, state championships are a memory of a few days or weeks ago, for many more the excitement and thrill of participating in the 2011 USSBA State Championships will be coming this weekend.

Md State

The USSBA knows that sports teams and entire campuses come alive with the thoughts of “going to States.” We want to make sure the marching bands across the USSBA have an invitation to showcase their program on the state championship level and get to ‘Celebrate States’ as well.

Our 2011 ‘Celebrate States’ promotion is crafted for each of the participating bands to take home with them great championship apparel along with DVDs of the band’s performance. Plus for the first time ever, the USSBA has partnered with Baron Rings, the championship ring partner of The Cadets and USSBA, to create specially crafted championship rings to be worn with pride in recognizing your band’s achievements!

If you are interested in arranging for customized tees and sweats or DVD compilations for your bands please contact Darren Delaney at Darren@YEA.org or at 610-821-0345 ext. 139.

For more information on USSBA State Championship rings, you can contact Sean King at SKing@YEA.org or 610-821-0345 ext. 120.


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