Fantastic weather, fabulous bands get out and celebrate states

Six states, nine championships, 265 bands -- WOW!

The state championships weekend is the biggest weekend of the year for marching band excitement with seven great events up and down the East Coast, including Tennessee and two in Texas.

Each of the venues is full of great young people, performing for their chance to be called a state champion, while the USSBA is proud to be able to provide this showcase for all of the work the teachers and students have put into their programs since the earliest days of band camp.

That is why we need you! We are recruiting for volunteers to make these events as memorable and exciting as possible and with each site in needs of dozens of volunteers, this is your opportunity to be part of the fun and help out along the way!

Not only is this weekend important to the students, teachers and parents, it is extremely important to the nonprofit organization that runs each of these competitions. The USSBA is a true nonprofit in every sense of the word, as all proceeds are reinvested into the events themselves as well as the ongoing activities necessary to sustain a remarkable undertaking.

Behind the scenes, the USSBA handles all of the logistics including adjudicator and event staff travel and training, office support of the bands, stadium and logistical rentals — pretty mundane stuff — but they are the features that have made the USSBA the leading scholastic music provider in the nation.

But when it’s show day, the USSBA needs the helping hands of hundreds of people to assist in the operations of the day including roles from the box office to band entrance gate; assisting guests in their enjoyment at the event and making it and even more special occasion by selling souvenirs as keepsakes for each young person’s quest to become state champions.

New this year is a four-hour shift program, which allows band fans to assist in the event for a short period of time and then enjoy the remainder of the competition. Titled "One Show, One Shift, One Shirt", you’ll get a  great looking, warm and comfy USSBA sweatshirt for your time, plus the thanks of the hundreds if not thousands of people you will come into contact with.

Want to volunteer for more than one shift? We can arrange for that, and what’s more we’ll thank you with additional gifts and discounts on great USSBA apparel and DVDs.

Here are the event sites:

Saturday, Nov. 5

New England State Championships — Bridgeport, Conn.
New Jersey State Championships — Union, N.J. | Old Bridge, N.J. | Sewell, N.J.
Pennsylvania State Championships — West Chester, Pa.
Virginia State Championships — Richmond area, Va.
Southern States Championships — Chattanooga, Tenn.
North Texas State Championships — Irving, Texas
South Texas State Championships — Shenandoah, Texas

Register now for your ONE four-hour shift!


The "One Shift" program is great for parents who are coming out to see their band and want to pitch in a little bit while their band is not performing. Or even better, band alumni and past booster parents are encouraged to come out and relive some of the memories and share their time and talents.

Whatever brings you to volunteer at the state championships, the USSBA will be deeply indebted to you for your service to the music community, the marching band activity, and the students, parents and educators who expect and deserve a true “championship” experience.

Need for a little more enticement? Check out this video to get your blood pumping for the 2011 USSBA State Championships. THIS is what it’s all about.

See you this Saturday!


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