Cadets Audition Chat a success

Vets answered a variety of questions posed by newcomers

Veteran members of The Cadets met online Wednesday night to answer questions posed by newcomers.


Cadets office staffer, Melissa Barlow, presided over the live chat and posted the questions and responses as they came in, and Director George Hopkins also joined the discussion. “I thought that it went very well, and there were a variety of questions,” said 2011 tuba age-out Richard Sargent.

Current and former members enjoyed the chance to share their Cadets experiences with a new set of potential members. That’s one of the great things about the corps: Everyone is eager to graft new people into the tradition.

“It was great to talk to some people who really know what’s going on and get their perspectives on the audition,” said Nicholas Watkins, 16, who hopes to earn a spot in the mellophone line on November 18. “The vets seem really willing to help the new people out.”

Some of the discussion topics included how physically fit one should be, how to balance college marching band with The Cadets’ camp schedule, and whether it is acceptable to miss a camp for important school functions such as juries. The answer to many of the questions boils down to, ‘Work hard and communicate well with The Cadets’ staff and your teachers.’

“I found myself answering most of the questions with lessons that I learned as a Cadet,” Sargent said. “It's about making time to fit The Cadets into your schedule, in terms of commitment and working to keep up with the group.”

Richard is right. The Cadets’ staff wants to fill the open spots with talented musicians who will work hard and dedicate themselves to the corps. If you want to wear maroon and gold this summer, come to each camp prepared (physically and musically), and talk to the staff when you have concerns or conflicts.

Other easy answers include: Housing and food are always provided; we sleep in gyms at camps and in the summer and in dorms at spring training; the food is great; rook-outs (rookie age-outs)are always welcome; you will not be asked to play music that you were not given ahead of time; and if you are able to bring your own instrument to camp, it would be helpful, though it’s not required.

As for physical fitness, Hopkins said he’d like everyone to come able to run an 11-minute mile (though this won’t be tested, it’s a good starting point). If there is ever a financial issue or a schedule-related conflict with camps or spring training, be open about it with the staff from the beginning, and give teachers and principals plenty of notice about when you will be absent.

After all logistical questions had been answered, current and former Cadets encouraged everyone to come out and give it a shot. Don’t get too nervous about this; it’s a friendly environment, and we genuinely hope to see you in November.

*If you didn’t get a chance to participate in the chat on Wednesday but have questions, don’t hesitate to join your section’s Facebook audition group. Section leaders are more than willing to help with any concern you may have.

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