National championships are here

Perfect weather to watch your favorite bands

Hours upon hours at band camp. Early morning and evening rehearsals after school.  Nine weeks of competition all comes down to your trip to the Nationals.


One more chance to make it right. One last chance to strive for perfection.

A final chance for seniors to put on the uniform and perform with their friends and their family that is the 2011 marching band.

Congratulations to all of the bands participating in this weekend’s USSBA National Championships in Allentown (A Class) and Annapolis (Open Class). We welcome you all to two of the premiere facilities in all the world for marching band competition.

The weather looks to be perfect in both Allentown and Annapolis. Bright sunny skies, with cool temperatures in the 50’s is perfect November weather for the 2011 marching band season to come to a conclusion.

Stay tuned to the USSBA Facebook and Twitter pages throughout the weekend for all of late breaking news — and see what everyone else is talking about during the two biggest championships of the year.

Plus, you can order great souvenirs from the event right here on line. Order a DVD of your band HERE, plus we have great apparel including tees and sweats, plus the perfect accessory for your band jacket — the 2011 National Championships patch. ORDER HERE

Good luck to all of the performers on the performance of a lifetime. We’ll be rooting you on!


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