Saturday Cadets Camp Report Part 2

A long day, but a success for the 2012 corps

The second half of Saturday went as smoothly as the first. This afternoon, the marching staff broke down The Cadets’ version of straight-leg technique. First posture, then marking time, then one step forward and backward. One thing builds on another as the staff gradually increases the tempo and the length of the exercises. The 2012 Cadets will be flying around at 210 beats per minute before we know it.

After marching and more sectionals, the corps reconvened for dinner and then spent an hour with Director George Hopkins – the first “Hop Meeting” of the season. He discussed some more logistics and gave a few vets a chance to stand up and tell the group what keeps them coming back to The Cadets. Then a few newcomers got to stand up and share what drew them to this corps. Hopkins also announced that The Cadets’ show concept has changed. Members of the corps won’t find out the new theme until it is announced on The Cadets’ website later this week.

Another long sectional block closed out the day. Auditions wrapped up, and rehearsal ended at 12:30 a.m. Members had an hour to eat snack and shower before the gym lights went out at 1:30. A sleeping bag is never more inviting than after a day and a half of Cadets camp, though sleep is bittersweet, as you dread the drum major’s voice: “Good morning, Cadets.”

On a logistical note, this last-minute housing site has worked out well. Tour Manager Patrick Duncan said it’s been a great weekend so far, and the custodial staff has been very accommodating. The percussion, color guard and brass are sharing three separate gyms, one of which the members also sleep in.

“The weekend kicked off well,” said George Hopkins. “Thank you to Columbia High School for making this happen!”

Hopkins said he’s pleased with this weekend’s turnout. “We have folks from other corps, a good influx from area colleges and a good many high school folks,” he said.

The Cadets will wake up at 8:00 a.m. Sunday morning to get a bit more rehearsal time before closing out this great start to the 2012 season.


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