Sunday Cadets camp wrap-up

Next camp set for Dec. 9-11

Drum Major Patrick Crowley woke up his fellow Cadets at 8:00 this morning. They ate, and Crowley led everyone through a much-needed stretch. The corps worked out together before transitioning to sectionals. They did plenty of pushups, but no running today.

During morning sectionals, the caption supervisors pulled each new person out individually to give them the results of their audition. This was also a time for newcomers to ask specific questions, and for instructors to talk through specific concerns and give advice.

After sectionals, everyone met in the main gym and took turns performing the music they learned this weekend. The color guard performed a winter-guard-style show they put together.

And although many of the auditionees were high school students, which is young for The Cadets, trumpet instructor Sean Furilla said the horn line sounded very strong for November.

There were about 250 people in attendance this weekend, and George Hopkins said the goal is to audition 400 folks by the end of the December camp. “We seem to be close to the target,” he said.

“The Cadets aged out 41 this year,” Hopkins said. And of the 109 Cadets who are still eligible to march, 75 have indicated that they will return this year.  “That’s pretty typical of this day and age,” he said.

Of those, a high percentage of veterans in the color guard, 60 percent of the CPit (the front ensemble), are veterans and the brass section will be about half vets and half rookies. “The section expected to have the most first-year members is the percussion,” Hopkins said.

Thanks to all who came out to camp this weekend – auditionees, veterans, volunteers and staff.

The Cadets will hold their second round of auditions the weekend of December 9-11, so if you want to wear maroon and gold this summer, come out and go for it!

And if you can’t give up your day job, auditions for The Cadets2 are this coming weekend, November 25-27.


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