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Schedule for camp weekend

Cadets2 Camp Weekend Schedule Announced

The first-ever members of Cadets2 will be treated to a full weekend of playing and learning from some of the top instructional staff of The Cadets as well as a whole new generation of teachers who have marched and taught along with The Cadets over the past decade.
The weekend looks to be jam packed with opportunities to play, drum, spin and toss, while learning the trademark Cadets style of marching and movement.
The complete schedule has been released as of Tuesday, Nov. 22 and is as follows:
8:30 am — Registration
10 am — The First Meeting
11 am — Sectionals
2:30 pm — Lunch
3:30 pm — Marching/Sectionals
6:30 pm — Dinner
7:30 pm — Meeting
8:30 pm — Sectionals
12 am — Snack
1 am — Lights out
8 am — Breakfast
9 am — stretch / stamina
10 am — sectionals
1 pm — Snack & Setup
1:30 pm — show and tell
2 pm — Cleanup
3 pm — Dismissal


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