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Fundraising director search reopened

Position critical to YEA


Raising funds is critical to most any not-for-profit. In the case of Youth Education in the Arts, the kindness and generosity of our alumni and friends is very, very, very important.
The Cadets' costs are in excess of the funds raised through tuition and performance fees. The Urban Arts Center is a free program offered to hundreds of youth from the Lehigh Valley and in the world of high school music programs, funds are less and less available.
All of this affects Youth Education in the Arts. These challenges demand that our fundraising program is successful. The annual campaign, the Holiday Campaign, the corps' shows, the wine tasting, grantwriting — it all matters!
A few years ago, just as our fundraising was in full blossom, an accident took the life of our development and fundraising director, Susan Erben.  Since then, we were fortunate that Andrew Barlow stepped in for a year, and Bill Speakman, operations director for YEA!, has been putting in extra time to keep our funding efforts in place.
But as we approach Christmas 2011, our organization is in need of a real, honest-to-goodness, director of development. We need someone to manage and lead fundraising. And we need that person to take on the task with passion, commitment, emotion and skill.
Recently, we have interviewed a number of folks who are qualified for the position, but what we have not found is someone who has a passion for the cause of marching music. Indeed, we have settled for professionals who have the fundraising background, but they have but a passing interest in students and music. They never marched, their kids never marched, they have never seen the transformation of a young person over the summer and they have never stood in the stands and cried with pride over a victory, or in admiration as our Cadets stand at attention in the face of defeat.
As you might guess, without the passion, these folks have not been successful.
Life lessons are what we do. Life lessons are why we are a not-for-profit. I believe that. Those who work here believe that. And we need a fundraiser who believes the same thing — passion for the cause. It cannot be taught. But we have to have it!
And I believe that somewhere out there in the world is a person or two who fits our requirements for the position while also loving the fact that in taking a fundraising job with YEA!, they will be part of an organization that does great things for young people, summer, fall, winter and spring! From bands to corps, to indoor to hip hop — we are making a difference in the world thorough our efforts with young people.
Please read the information regarding the position. Here is the job description. If not you, forward to others.  And yes, we do need a self starter, a professional who knows the world of fundraising. After all, we would like to double our gifts in the coming years. For the more we earn, the more we can do.  And yes, as I have stated, we are looking for that person who loves the kids, loves the activity and loves the future possibility of marching music, and all other programs YEA! touches!
Thank you for the attention!  We hope to have someone in place before Jan. 1, so drop us a line or pass along this link!

We are ready to add you to our team! We are ready to add that fundraising hero who is going to make YEA! so much more than we are today!
Happy Holidays!


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