Alumni Outreach: Cadets Member Drive 2012

Now's Your Time to Engage the Next Generation of Cadets

Remember back to the first time you put on the Cadets uniform.  It doesn’t matter whether it was Garfield, Bergen County, Holy Name or simply, The Cadets, you know it was a moment of achievement, a moment that still may bring tears to your eyes.

That is the same feeling that we are trying to provide for the 150 young men and women who will be taking to the field this summer as a member of the 78th Edition of The Cadets.

During our 2012 Member Drive, we are asking you to assist us in continuing the legacy and tradition of the drum corps that played such an important part in the individual you have become today.

This is not a fundraising pledge!

Rather it is a request for our alumni to reach out to someone they may know that is of marching age and encourage them to come to the Cadets camp on Dec. 9-11 at Woodstown H.S. in Woodstown, N.J. and see how their life may change by becoming a member of the long maroon line.

With so many of our alumni who have gone on to become music educators, this is a unique opportunity for you to give back also.   Not in the traditional way, but rather ‘pay it forward’ by encouraging the students you see day after day in the classroom to come and try out to be a part of The Cadets and learn from the same teachers and principles that have made you the educator you are today.

Perhaps The Cadets may not be the right situation for your high school performer, and we agree for most individuals it is not, which is why we can suggest two alternatives.

First, reach out to one of those accomplished performers that may have graduated and gone off to college.  Give them a call.  Send them an e-mail and let them know how an experience with The Cadets will not only make them a better performer, but will make them a better person.

If you’re teaching high school in the Mid-Atlantic Region, we encourage you to recommend Cadets2 for your students.  We’re expanding the Cadets experience for students who can’t commit to the full summer tour by creating a weekend-only, regionally based opportunity for young people to perform, learn and grow as a part of The Cadets family.  Cadets2 next camp is Dec. 17-18 in Eastern Pennsylvania.  If they are an experienced performer, looking for a little more training – this could be an outstanding experience for them.

Whether you are a music educator, or someone who has built a life credited in some part by their experience in The Cadets, we urge you to share the opportunity of becoming a Cadet in 2012 with a young person you know and provide them the chance to become a member of one of the great youth organizations in the world.

Only you can help to continue the legacy of excellence because of the role it played in your life.  Take a few minutes today to share what The Cadets meant to you with a young person and encourage them to follow their passion and become a member of The Cadets.

If you have any questions regarding the upcoming December camp, please contact Melissa Barlow at or at 610.821.0345 ext 115.


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