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YEA! Begins Search for Director of Events

Ideal candidate becomes member of dynamic team

Youth Education in the Arts manages numerous events each year.

  • Four Drum Corps Shows with attendance from 2000-8000 people
  • 35 Major Band Events including 10 State Champs and 2 National Champs
  • YEAllentown concert at Allentown’s Symphony Hall
  • Special Workshops and Events for Music and Dance Students
  • And there is much more on the docket including a 10,000 person “march-a-thon”.

These events need to be managed to the highest level of excellence and beginning today, YEA! is beginning a search for just the right person to lead the paid staff,  and the volunteer team in providing the most organized and grand events for students, band directors, alumni and fans of the Cadets, the USSBA and music in general.

The Characteristics Required:

  • Organized: You will be managing many events at the same time. Being able to prepare not just the events where you will be on hand, but also the events where others will be managing is critical.
  • Trainer: Event managers for all events will need to follow your lead in procedures so that all will be able to create and execute excellent events.
  • Outgoing: Although we will have a volunteer coordinator managing our team of supporters, there is no question that the event manager needs to be able to “rally the troops”.
  • Team Player: The Director of Events will work within the USSBA office and will be a critical player as facilities, event coordination, and sales come together to create these very special event.
  • Negotiator: The Director of Events will be the key staff person in terms of stadium contracts, co-sponsor agreements, as well as discussions with related vendors.

As a random reference to the tasks related to this position, here is a to-do list if you were to be hired today.

  • Meet with MetLife Stadium to discuss the costs related to a two day 2012 event.
  • Meet with the stadium manager at The College of NJ. Can we get the dates we need? How much?
  • Get on a plane and head to Tennessee; Will we be able to get the stadium access we need? What are the costs?
  • New facility in Georgia; Schedule a visit. See what is up.
  • We are searching for larger venues for State Champs in NJ – head out to various colleges and have the conversations to set relationships with bands, stadium representatives and administrators.
  • Meet with the Director of Marketing about the launching of ticket sales for the four corps events this summer. Do we have ticketing plans? Do we have signed agreements?
  • We had co-sponsor agreements with 15 different groups in Texas. We are looking to change these arrangements. Therefore, we need to sit down with YEA! administration, run the numbers to see what changes we might be able to offer, and then discuss mutually beneficial relationships with the co-sponsors and possibilities for the future.
  • In spare time, create an event managers program for all USSBA staffers.
  • Meet with volunteer coordinators to discuss past experiences and what we might do to better our programs and efforts.

At the end of the day, we are closing in on 200 events of some kind. The event director will be the leader in this effort. As noted, this is not a position where one sits behind a desk all day. The person selected will need to work with volunteers, stadium administrators, band directors, principals and NFL stadium staff. Communication and organization skills lead the list of required traits and skills.

What Experience would be required?

  • Experience in managing teams of people is important.  At least 5 years as a manager would be essential to success in this position.
  • An understanding of how stadium events work is critical. It may not be a deal-breaker that the candidate knows about marching music events but it would be helpful for certain.
  • Negotiation experience is important.
  • The ability to review and understand contracts would be of assistance.
  • A college degree would be required. Post College work in sports business programs, or music business education would be looked upon positively.

And what else might you want to consider?

  • Our events run on weekends many times. At a minimum, the events manager would be working 15-20 weekends (Saturdays primarily) per year.
  • Volunteer meetings and organizational activities are many times on weekends.
  • YEA! runs events in 20 different states so travel is required.
  • This IS a position that requires you to be out of the YEA! office.
  • The position is available now.

And YEA! considerations:

The Mission of YEA! is to support the development of young people to magnificent human beings through their participation in the performing arts.

All of the programs of YEA! are created and managed around a commitment to excellence and as such, managers are expected to act, dress, and represent YEA! and our efforts at the highest levels.

The Director of Events will be a part of a team that includes key department supervisors.  As someone who manages events for multiple departments, while being responsibility for fiscal commitments, there are lines of responsibility and interaction to the Director of the USSBA, the Director of Marketing, the COO and the CEO of Youth Education in the Arts.

YEA! offers a competitive compensation package including

-          Standard vacations dependent on the time on the team

-          15-16 paid holidays per year

-          Medical insurance after 6 months of employment

-          A contributory 401K program

-          Salary would begin in the low/mid or mid five figures depending on experience


Please send your resume and cover letter to George Hopkins at   First contracts will be made with all respondents between December 19 and December 24.

For more information on Youth Education in the Arts and our growing programs, please go to


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