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New Details Released on the Cadets2 Drum Major Auditions

Try-outs with Drum Major Workshop to Run During the Dec. 17-18 Camp

As the Cadets2 team prepares for their second ever camp on December 17-18, more details have been announced surrounding the inaugural Drum Major audition and Leadership workshop which will run parallel to the corps’ rehearsal camp.
Eric Kitchenman, Cadets2 Director said, “Since this is a first ever process for the corps, we thought it might be challenging to prospective Drum Majors to not only audition for the position with the corps, but also learn and absorb some of the philosophies of the Cadets to take with them, whether they are selected to lead the corps in 2012 or not.”
A team of accomplished DCI, DCA, university and high school band drum majors will be on hand to assist with the audition process, as well as provide guidance, mentorship and enthusiasm for the drum major candidates who will be participating in this unique opportunity which is open to any drum major between the ages of 16-25, whether they have experience with marching band r drum corps.
The two day process of arriving at the two leaders for the 2012 corps will be filled with opportunities to conduct and interact with the corps members and instructional staff, as well as a series of interviews with the corps’ administrative leadership.
At the same time, the Drum Major workshop will focus on specific themes of Leadership, Conducting, Teaching, Communication and Establishing Responsibilities.  Here is a little background for these sessions:
Leadership:  Attitude – choose it, developing trust, earning respect
Conducting: Simple and clear pattern, maintaining a steady and even tempo, proper display of musicianship
Teaching:  Marching is used as the vehicle through which the teaching and observation skills are developed
Communication: Interaction with Directors, instructors, peers, on the field, off the field, with student leaders, with new members
Responsibilities:  Standards, expectations, achieving success for the program
Kitchenman continued, “The Cadets2 Drum Majors are going to run drum corps rehearsals of the highest intensity this year. That means individuals will need to arrive with a certain character along with a skill base – specifically in their ability to conduct in order to set the tone for a program in its very first year.”
“We will be asking ourselves in the process of evaluating the talent, ‘what will it take to lead this drum corps this summer; keeping in mind the skill base and the leadership necessary?’  Leadership with the Cadets organization is a privilege reserved for those young people who have the communication skills, attitude, empathy, intuition, physical appearance to lead 127 of the finest young people in the region onto the field.”
If you feel you are up to the challenge, the opportunity awaits you.  Now is your time to join Cadets2 for the inaugural Drum Major Audition by registering now for the Dec. 17-18 camp.
If you have any questions regarding Cadets2, please contact Melissa Barlow at or at 610.821.0345 ext 115.


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