The Home Show

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The DCI East show has always been one of my favorites, both as a performer and an audience member.

vid stillThe crowd is always huge and they truly appreciate the activity. For those members who also call it their home show, it is extra special.

The day of the show we rehearsed in MetLife Stadium, then the New Meadowlands, where the Giants and Jets play. When we arrived at J. Birney Crum the sky began to look ominous. Hop, being the amateur weatherman he is, ensured the rain would hold off and warm-ups went on like normal even though the rain began to fall. Just as Carolina Crown was finishing up their show the rain increased, but as The Cadets took the field it stopped completely.

After the performance, however, while all the members were greeting their families that they hadn't seen in months, the skies opened up and it was an absolute downpour. Shooting in the rain is always a little stressful but it is always a little fun as well. The puddles provide interesting reflections and everybody is always acts a little quirky when the caught in the rain, so that's fun to capture as well.

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