Cadets Holiday Camp Friday Night Update

Holiday decor puts everyone in the 12.25 mood

The Cadets kicked off their second camp of 2012 Friday night at Woodstown High School in Woodstown, NJ. The administrative team arrived early to set up and “deck the halls” with a bit of Christmas decor to get everyone in the mood for both the holiday season and the drum corps season.383359_10150525956651349_31303916348_10689521_1346438168_n.j

On Thursday night, the brass and percussion attended a webinar with Percussion Supervisor Colin McNutt and Brass Supervisor Gino Cipriani. The caption heads were able to answer a few general questions about how this second round of auditions will work.

“We’ve split the audition process between November and December, so if you’re new this weekend, you’ll go through the same process that everyone else did in November,” Colin said. “We’ll keep going through technique exercises and refining things, but no one is at a disadvantage. Everyone will get a fresh start and a second look this weekend.”

Gino agreed and noted that while there won’t be a second round of one-on-one auditions for those who received twos and threes at the last camp, the staff will be sure to reassess everyone’s visual and musical abilities. Caption heads will give feedback to anyone with uncertain status at the end of the weekend.

As for tonight, things went as planned. Camp began with a meeting in the gym at 9:00 p.m., and it was a shorter night of rehearsal than normal because of an especially early wake-up on Saturday. Naturally, the corps sleeps in the gym, and Woodstown’s basketball team has a practice scheduled at 7:30 a.m., so The Cadets will be up at 7:00 to get out of their way.393549_10150526274346349_31303916348_10689923_1991380679_n.j

It’s great to be able to work with the school staff in situations like this, and ending early so the corps can wake up early is definitely better than the alternative: The buzz of the lights an hour before the scheduled wake-up time and a whole team of high school kids dribbling basketballs on the side of the gym while their coach blows a whistle and stares in frustration and wonder at the sea of sleeping bags. It’s happened before!

The Cadets will begin their work-out Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m., and then dive into rehearsals. The horn line will be learning the first two minutes of show music, but the percussion doesn’t have any new material yet, so they will focus on advanced technique exercises. Newcomers will audition throughout the day.



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