So far on Saturday: Another update from Woodstown

Four hours is a long time to march around a gym, but straight legs take time


The Cadets just finished dinner at camp after the horn line completed a four-hour marching block in the gym. These early marching rehearsals can seem incredibly tedious, but it takes a lot of reps to build muscle memory in a new marching technique. The goal is to fine-tune every step and placement so that in context, everyone knows exactly how to march the drill when they learn it in April and May.

“We define what we’re doing with our feet when we’re playing and when we’re not playing,” said Center Snare Ian Wudyka. He said that camps are a critical time to clarify visual and musical technique, as well as a key time to learn how to be a Cadet.

“For example, The Cadets ‘always look good,’” Ian said. “Starting in the winter, we always line up the drums, and we get to rehearsal on time. That way, when May comes around and we move in, we will only have to worry about learning and cleaning the show efficiently, instead of worrying about other things outside rehearsal.”


The corps had lots of time to break down musical technique earlier today as well, and the horn line received the music to their new parade tune, “We Need A Little Christmas.” Of course, the front ensemble is also finding plenty of ways to get into the 12.25 spirit.


At 7:00 p.m., everyone gets to sit down in the auditorium for about an hour at this camp’s Hop meeting (talk with Director George Hopkins). Then the corps will return to sectionals from 8:00 p.m. until their midnight snack.


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