December camp wrap-up

Back to real life until January

Camp is over, and the bus is headed to the airport. The Cadets woke up at 7:30 this morning and had an hour for breakfast, complete with the rest of the eggnog from yesterday. Stretching and some brief physical training followed, and then everyone split up into sectionals until 1:00 p.m.


After warm-ups and a review of the music from this camp, the front ensemble, brass and drum line met up in the gym for a little “show and tell.” Each section played the material they’ve been working on, and the weekend ended with a full ensemble performance of “Jump,” an encore piece they learned in November.

Following a brief closing meeting, each section cleaned up its assigned area of the school, instruments were signed back in, and the bus and equipment truck were loaded. And just like that, it’s as if we were never there.

Thanks to all who made this weekend possible, congratulations to our new Cadets, and we’ll see you in January!

Fun fact: Remember the little Christmas tree from the gym last night? It’s been in the middle of stretch block and horn arc all camp, keeping the cheer.


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