Beware of instrument thefts, LA Times reporter urges

California tubas disappearing; could happen elsewhere

Sam Quinones, a reporter with the Los Angeles Times, is warning schools and marching bands around the country about the increased incidence of tuba thefts from LA-area high schools.Tuba Photo

He says music teachers believe there is an active black market in the most-expensive brass instruments, which are possibly being funneled to Mexico or supplying the popular banda tuba-based dance band craze now sweeping southern California.

Quinones wants to alert band directors and instructors in other parts of the country "in the chance that maybe this goes beyond just a few high schools, but is more extensive."

"I wondered as I did this story whether there were other areas where these thefts were occurring: Las Vegas, Dallas, Phoenix, Chicago?" Quinones related to YEA! officials via email. "Anyway, any help you can give in sending this out to band directors and band associations to help spread the word would be appreciated."

Read his entire front-page story about the thefts.

Quinones' story last month talked about how players in the banda world were doing new things with the tuba. You can read that full story here.


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