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Cadets2 Camp to return to South Mountain MS in Allentown

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The staff and administration of Cadets2 is pleased to announce that the camp scheduled for Jan.  21-22 will return for the secon consecutive camp to South Mountain Middle School in Allentown.

The address for the school is:

South Mountain Middle School,  709 West Emmaus Ave, Allentown, Pa. 18103

Director of Cadets2 , Eric Kitchenman, said, “Our experience at the December camp was wonderful as we were welcomed by the staff at the school as if we were long time friends.  The team at SMMS went out of their way for us and we cannot thank the principal, staff and administration of the Allentown School District enough for providing a home for our rehearsal.”

YEA! has been a partner with South Mountain Middle School on a variety of projects including the burgeoning Urban Arts Center, with YEA! basing the Lehigh Valley Youth Drumline & Colorguard at the school as well as the popular EarthBeats program for young drummers.

Kitchenman continued, “We are still working towards a long term arrangement, but for now it is an important step to lock in this rehearsal site with few weeks left to go."

Cadets2 continue to recruit for low brass players as well as front percussion ensemble members, specifcally mallets and tympani.

If you haven’t registered yet for Cadets2  camp, please do so at

If you were at the November or December camp and have yet to RSVP, please log in to CorpsData and respond.

Have a question about marching in Cadets2 ?  Contact Melissa Barlow at  or at 610.821.0345 ext 115.


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