"We Need a Little Christmas" video debuts from December camp

Support the holiday campaign and receive a great Christmas ornament

As the December camp came to a close, the Cadets brass section played through the official 2012 parade tune, “We Need a Little Christmas,” and the Access producer Alex Giddings edited together a video montage from this weekend’s camp to put everyone into the mood.


As we continue with the holiday spirit of the ’12.25’ production for 2012, we ask you to support the 2011 Holiday Campaign, by contributing to our current fundraising drive.  In return for your donation of $100 or more, we’ll send you a brilliant 2011 Cadets holiday ornament commemorating the ten World Championships won by the Cadets.

Plus, as we continue our drive for a “new” equipment truck, for a donation of $500 or more, your name will be permanently placed on the truck doors along with our corporate partners as well as the other members of this most exclusive club of Cadets supporters.

If you “need a little Christmas,” click here to view the first All Access episode from the December rehearsals and thank you for your support during our 2011 Holiday Campaign. With your support we will be able to travel the roads in 2012 and beyond in World Championship style.


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