The Cadets still seeking talented mellophones and tubas

It's not too late to join us in January

The December camp has officially been labeled a success by everyone involved. After the final performance on Sunday afternoon, George Hopkins took the time to speak with each section of the horn line to make sure everyone who auditioned knew exactly where they stood before they went home.

The trumpet and baritone sections are now full of talented new Cadets, but in January, Gino Cipriani said he will continue the audition process in search of several more mellophone players and a couple more tuba players.

As for the drum line, Colin McNutt said that camp went well. “We are 75 percent set, and the last auditions are happening in January.”

Colin likes to give newcomers three camps to show improvement before he makes his final decisions. This also gives him plenty of time to unify the technique across the line, and he said that this camp was centered on just that: “We had a camp full of technique. We established the technical standards in the line as well as in individual lessons that I administered. So, the kids experienced full ensemble as well as individual attention,” Colin said.

He will set the 2012 drum line at camp in January, and he said that show music is on the agenda for the percussion section in January as well.


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