2011 Holiday Campaign Hits Full Stride

There's Still Time for You to Donate and Receive the 2011 Ornament

The holidays are a meaningful time for us all.  It’s always a good time to sit and reflect on the year gone by, and for 2011 The Cadets had a most wonderful year thanks to our loyal members, fans, supporter and alumni.

Beginning with the winter camps, we knew we were on to something special, but once we hit “The Chase” in April and May we knew 2011 was a magical year. Thanks to all of your help and votes we finished fourth in the world in the Chase Community Giving Program, but bigger things laid ahead for us. A 2011 World Championship, our 10th, was awarded in Indianapolis in August and a performance for the President of the United States in September was quite the way to wrap-up the year.

Now we’re asking you to put a grand end to this wonderful year by supporting us during the 2011 Holiday Campaign by pledging your support HERE

With your assistance, we have achieved so much. But now, we ask you to help us achieve even more as we work to raise the funds for a “new” equipment trailer which will be outfitted for the Cadets of 2012 and beyond, rather utilizing the current trailer which was built more for the turn of the century when we had fewer members and less equipment.holidayorn

As our special thank you for your support in the 2011 Holiday Campaign, we’ll send you a commemorative 2011 Christmas ornament for your generous donation of $100 or more. 

If you pledge $500 or more, you’ll have your name permanently added to the new equipment trailer’s paint scheme so that for years to come, Cadets members, fans and alumni will see your commitment to the program that means so much to so many.

With only a few days left to go before the holidays and the end of the year, take a look back over the past twelve months and relive with us some of the many memories that made 2011 so remarkable.  With your generous support of the 2011 Cadets Holiday Campaign, we’ll be able to get a fantastic start to the 2012 year right now.  Make your pledge today!


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