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Cadets2 Camp Update for Saturday

Brass, Percussion and Drum Majors come together for Dec. camp

“A wonderful positive energy is in the air,” said Eric Kitchenman about the first day of Cadets2 camp on Saturday, December 17, as the initial class of members and the staff took to their work during the corps’ second camp ever held at South Mounatin Middle School in Allentown, Penn.

“We have some exceptional staff members and a committed core of members who are all dedicated to making this initial season a success.  It is a pleasure to be working to create a program from the very first stages,” added Kitchenman.  "We could not do this without the assistance of the administration at South Mountain MS ande hope to be able to call this school home into the future.  We're also pleased to be pulling together a great volunteer team.  Thanks to each of them for sharing their time and talents with us to make this new undertaking successful thus far."

The December Cadets2 camp began under cloudy skies and temperatures in the 30’s outside, while multiple classrooms, the auditorium and cafeteria served as the sites for sectional rehearsals in the morning.

Technique and basics were the name of the game for Saturday as the staff brought together high quality instruction to build a brand new tradition of excellence in The Cadets image.  Music rehearsals in the morning block were followed by a visual block in the afternoon, which capped off with an evening music block; including the learning of the first few minutes of the as-yet unannounced show for the 2012 summer.

Candidates for the drum major positions were put through their paces throughout the day with an initial meeting and personal interviews.  The drum major candidates participated in the afternoon visual block to learn the Cadets style, before moving into the conducting portion of their audition in the evening. A team of three YEA! staff members who have served in the role of drum majors for the Syracuse Brigadiers, Troopers and Colts served as guides and peers to the drum majors for the process, while also providing a vital part of the evaluation process given their recent experiences in serving in the drum major capacity with top performing units.

Watch for more updates, photos and a Cadets2 All Access video coming throughout the weekend.  Stay tuned as the Cadets2 will be making major announcements in the coming days including the introduction of the instructional staff as well as an announcement of the 2012 program.


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