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Cadets2 Camp Forges Future for Members and Staff

Brass Caption Leader Shah Excited About the Future

With the repetition of phrase after phrase after phrase from the trumpet and low brass sectional rooms wafting through South Mountain Middle School, Minesh Shah, brass caption leader for the upstart Cadets2, was finishing up a conversation at the end of the hall regarding the selection process of the corps’ first drum majors.

“It’s a major undertaking, but we’re pulling out all of the stops to make Cadets2a reality,” Shah said.  He continued enthusiastically, “We have put together a phenomenal staff of college educators, band directors and even gigging brass players.  This is a fantastic opportunity for these students to learn and perform under a great, great staff.”  Pulling out his iPhone to show a biography of a staff member Shah added, “Check this out.  We’re going to give this corps a great experience!”

Shah’s not alone, as Corps Director Eric Kitchenman roamed the hall ways jumping from conversations about recruiting to welcoming a volunteer to the team to making sure the visual staff was set for the marching block, he added, “We’re happy again with the turn-out here for our second-ever camp.  We’ve had a good number of new faces join us, and when we put everyone together at the next camp we’re that much closer to having the full corps we expected.”

Kitchenman was correct in that nearly a third of the brass players in attendance for the December 17-18 camp were new to the corps, and a nearly full drumline added another dozen new faces to the mix.

These are all great indicators of the health of Cadets2going into the critical January camp where decisions will be made on the future of the corps, the schedule, the 2012 production and more.

With the corps coming together, there’s still a need for brass players from throughout the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York and Maryland region.  Does that mean members from Connecticut and Virginia aren’t welcome? “Hardly,” says Kitchenman, “We’re welcoming anyone who wants to have a Cadet-quality experience to add to their marching resume, whether a high school member looking to sharpen their skills, or a college student looking for a more substantial performance experience.”

As camp comes to a close, the staff is huddling, talking about the positive gains made over the course of the weekend, plans for the 2012 show, and most importantly assignments for recruiting follow-ups in the coming few days and weeks.

Cadets2staff will be on the road in the next few weeks visiting USSBA bands from Central Pennsylvania, the Philly suburbs and throughout New Jersey answering questions and spreading the word of the Cadets2 opportunity to brass players throughout the region.

“A month from now at the January 21-22 camp we’ll be in great shape,” says Shah.  “We have our work cut out for us, but when we hit the field in June, all that work will have paid off and these members will have a remarkable experience!”

If you’re interested in becoming a member of this very first year of Cadets2, visit and register for the January 21-22 camp.  For specific information regarding Cadets2registration and camps, contact Melissa Barlow or call 610.821.0345 ext 115.


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