Act today to get The Cadets Christmas tree ornament

Final day to reserve your ornament in time for '12.25'

Sitting in our holiday-adorned offices, a Christmas oratorio playing in the background, we realize we have so much to be thankful for here at the end of 2011.
After a remarkable 2011 which was one certainly for the history books and included the Chase for a half million dollars, a run to a tenth World Championship, a performance for the President of the United States and a recent performance which you will hear more about at a later date, The Cadets have had quite the year.holidayorn
Yet, as is the nature of this activity, we are already looking forward to the 2012 season and with it a chance for the next class of Cadets to take to the field.  As you may have heard, the program is titled "12.25" and by using some familiar (and not so familiar) material we plan to take our fans on a musical and visual journey unlike they’ve ever experienced, and of course, in the trademark Cadets fashion.
To get there though, we are asking once again to our closest friends and supporters to donate to the 2011 Cadets Holiday Campaign.  We have our eyes set on a “new” equipment trailer to improve a significant member of our aging fleet.  Your donation to this campaign will allow us to fit the uniforms, instruments and equipment for a 150 member corps instead of squeezing into the space originally designed for 135!
To say this would be an upgrade would be an understatement.
As of today, we’ve just crossed over the halfway point towards our goal, and now it is your chance to join with us to achieve the mark we’ve set for the organization.
Tuesday, Dec. 20 is an important day in the campaign. For if you make your donation today of $100 or more, we will be able to ship you the 2011 Holiday Ornament for you to hang proudly on your tree by "12.25". This limited edition collectible ornament is available ONLY to those who donate to the 2011 Holiday Campaign and it is the second in a series that The Cadets’ fans want to have as part of their collection.
Should you choose to donate $500 or more to the campaign, your name will be permanently designed into the paint scheme to appear on the Cadets equipment trailer that will carry the corps where it needs to go over the next decade. What better way to support the corps, than for years to come to see your investment put to excellent use.
We encourage you on this last date for us to ship to reserve your ornament to make your donation now at 2011 Cadets Holiday Campaign.
Thank you in advance for your contribution to the campaign and for helping to conclude a magnificent 2011 while we turn the page to an even more exciting 2012!


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