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Cadets2: Bring a "Bari Buddy" to January Camp

Push on for Low Brass to Jan. 21-22 Rehearsal

After an extensive review of the November and December camps, the Cadets2 team has given high marks to the progress made so far, with the largest shortfall being the number of low brass, specifically baritones and tubas, who have been in attendance, as well the need for two or three quality front ensemble percussionists.cadetsbaris

“At one point we had the 15 of 18 trumpets we were looking at for 2012, and the 8 mellophones we plan on marching, however we’re still looking for quality talent in the low brass areas,” said Eric Kitchenman, director of Cadets2.

To help drive attendance by our friends from the world of low brass, Cadets2 have announced the “Bring a Bari Buddy” incentive for the January camp. If you bring a ‘Bari Buddy’ to the January rehearsal, we’ll discount your camp fee and the fee for your “Bari Buddy” by 40%. (They’ll still have to pay the one-time corps registration fee though). Same deal will go for tubas. If you bring a friend for the tuba section, we’ll discount you and your friend’s camp rate by 40% as well.

Now for the daily double! If you happen to have a ‘Bari Buddy’ whose name is Barry, we’ll waive both of your fees entirely! (Your friend Barry’s registration fee will still apply.)

For exact details please contact Melissa Barlow to handle your registration for January camp if you are bringing a "Bari Buddy" or tuba friend. You can contact Melissa at or at 610.821.0345 ext 115.

Trombones and tubas of the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland regions, we want YOU!

Register NOW for the January 21–22 camp in the Allentown region.

Kitchenman added, “If you’re returning from the Nov. or Dec. camp, start hanging out with the trombones and tubas and see if you can bring them along to the January rehearsal. We’d love to see a full horn line by the end of the next camp.” Check out all you need to know at


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